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Wednesday, August 5, 2020


 WOW! I love putting a quilt together! My mom and I were talking yesterday about how a quilt changes with each step of assembly. I am really enjoying my latest quilt project, although I am a little daunted by the amount of hand quilting I have in my future. On the plus side, think how warm and cozy I will be this winter as I sit in my arm chair quilting away. 
I added an additional row to each side of this quilt to make the finished size 102" x 92", making it a coverlet size for a king size bed.

I had to satisfy my curiosity about assembly of the quilt as soon as I finished a few blocks. I always do this when I make a quilt.

More and more blocks, I made all of the house blocks first.

Next I made all of the rectangle tree blocks.

Then I laid the blocks out to get an idea of the size and look of the quilt. (Procrastinating the start of the pointy trees).

Finally the pointy tree blocks are done and I could again mess around with block placement.

Bottom three rows assembled and pressed. I am feeling really good about the way this quilt is coming together.

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