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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Spring On It's Way?

Hello it is March 6, almost spring time, and we got eight plus inches of snow last night!!!!  And, it supposed to stay cold for the next several days so it is going to stay around for a bit.
This winter has been a strange and long and rather cheerless. The worry about my sister and Dave's sister as they both battle cancer, and Emily leaving for the Air Force, have weighed heavily on us.
Angie went for surgery to have the her lung and tumor removed, they could not proceed with the surgery as the tumor has grown around a major artery, so she is now having 6 weeks of radiation and chemo with the goal of shrinking the tumor.  Marika had a partial mastectomy a month or so ago, she did not want to do chemo and radiation so is seeking alternative treatment and will be travelling to NY this weekend in readiness for an appointment with a doctor on Monday morning.
Emily called us on Monday evening, she is on medical hold and will be discharged, this takes around two to three weeks. Between the penicillin reaction, eye problems, two ear infections, too much weight loss and anxiety the AF has decided they need to part ways.  Not sure what happens next!
I am ready for spring, signs of new life, time in the garden, and warmer, sunnier days, I will be glad to see the back of this winter.
Again, I request prayers for Angie and Marika for God's healing on them, and for Emily I pray that God show her the path she is to take in life.

Blessings to you,