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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spolied Baby!!

Yesterday evening we watched our grandson Henry, when his mother arrived to pick him up she declared, "Henry you look like a spoiled brat!" :) King Henry was reclined on the sofa with Grandma and Grandpa, he had a rice cake in hand and was being spoonfed applesauce! All was right with little Henry's world that is for sure!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Laundry Shenanigans

Yea!! High in the mid forties today and abundant sunshine. I am washing bedding today and it is so nice to be able to hang it outside to dry. We rarely use our dryer spring, summer, and fall, we hang everything outside to dry. About a month ago our dryer broke, we have had it for years and years, it lasted so long because it wasn't constantly in use. Anyway we had a pile of laundry to do and we were going to take it to the laundromat to dry it. We really didn't want to spend our afternoon hanging out at the laundromat, so decided to hang wash line in our basement and hang the laundry to dry. Well long story short the clothes dried quickly and it has worked well for us, and we still haven't made it over to the parts store to get a new heating element for the dryer. I am anxious to recieve our gas and electric bills this month to see what kind of impact not using the dryer has had. We have been very pleased with our gas bill this winter season, the highest bill we received was just over $90, gas has been cheaper/therm than prior years, but we have also used less by keeping our thermostat set at 62 overnight and when we are away, and at 64 during the day/evening when we are home.

I googled clothes drying rack today and found this website :

I thought the videos were fun, and judging by the second video it appears that
people who hang their laundry to dry have a lot more fun!!