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Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Month Of Birthdays

 August is a big month for birthdays in our family. We start the month with three birthdays all on the same day, August 8. My husband, our son Ben, and our grandson Peter all share a birthday, our daughter-in-law Taylor follows up on the August 10, and our son-in-law on the 14th. Then a brief reprieve until the August 26 then our grandson Henry celebrates his birthday, and the following day, the 27th, is my Mom's birthday. Our youngest grandson Harrison just squeaked by the August madness and made September his very own birthday month, he will be one on September 6. It is a fun month of celebrations. And here are some pictures of all the birthday celebrants.

Peter 6, sitting to the Grandpa's right, Dave (grandpa) 62, Ben 29 holding his nephew Harrison, and in the back with the fine beard, Brad 35. 

Taylor on the right, 26

Henry celebrates his 12th birthday.

And finishing the month, my mom celebrated her 81st birthday.

And, baby Harrison got in a bit of practice eating birthday cake in readiness for his 1st birthday coming up on September 6th.

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