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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Enough With The Doom And Gloom MAN!

Hey, why don't we all simply enjoy this new reality. For most of us we will have  two to three weeks downtime,  how awesome is that? What are you going to do with all of your new found time? I am looking at it like a wonderful retreat from the world. Sleeping more, reading more, walking more, meditating more, practicing yoga more, staying home way, way more, and it is really nice. 

What can we learn? I suspect many people will learn that being home more, finding ways to occupy our time at home, spending more time together with our immediate family, is actually an amazingly good thing. If we spend multiple weeks unscheduled we might really resist going back to our overly scheduled lives. We might find we don't want to always be on the go, always at the store, always running errands, we might find that true contentment is doing less and enjoying life more. 

So, live in the moment during these strange times, enjoy each moment, embrace each day, have fun with your loved ones, rekindle your inner spark, get in touch with your self, and count this time as an amazing gift and blessing to your mind, body and spirit.

Stay safe my friends, stay well, and wash your hands :)