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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Incredibull Stella - Book Review

An inspirational story about the powerful healing of love. This book is my sisters story about her battle with cancer, her doggy soul-mate Stella, and her amazing husband Brian.

I had the book for a couple of weeks and was a little afraid to read it, it is about my sister, and I know her story and I was worried I might get upset, about what specifically I cannot say, but I kept looking at the book and feeling a little scared about opening it. So, I had a little talk with myself and decided I was being very silly and should get on and read the book. Once I picked it up and started reading I could NOT put it down. When I finished the book I had a huge smile on my face and felt so very uplifted by the heartwarming positive story.

 I know my sisters journey, she is my sister after all. I knew her story before I read the book but it was interesting to read her story in her words, it was reassuring, my sister in the book is exactly my sister in real life.

Marika has gone through a lot, and done a lot in life. She is a survivor in more than one sense, in addition to being a much loved daughter, sister, mother, wife, and doggy mama, she has impacted many lives in a very positive way and her book simply spreads her message of love.

The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target.