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Monday, August 17, 2020

An Enjoyable Weekend

This weekend our grandson Masen hung out with grandma and grandpa. On Sunday I took Masen on a bike ride, he rode about six miles, which I think is pretty good for a little guy who just turned five in July. 


A few scenic pics from our bike ride, and Masen trying out the giant Adirondack chair in front of the Grabill Dairy Sweet.

After our bike ride we went home. Grandpa made chicken strips for Sunday dinner, Amber and the boys joined us. Amber brought corn from her garden, and a greek salad, and I added a couple bags of potato chips and some cut up melon completed the meal. I feasted on melon. The Honeydew melon was divine. After dinner Aunt Amber gave Masen a haircut. I was amused by his before and after pictures.

Below is picture of a pretty cloud I saw while out walking early Sunday morning. The sky was very overcast except for a little break in grayness that revealed a white puffy cloud reflecting the morning sunlight.

A very silly headline I saw while waiting in the check out lane at Walmart. "7 Ways To Calm Your Pet's Covid-19 Anxiety", Seriously!!!

Bounty from the garden. Our very first canteloupe from our garden. Some lovely cucumber from our daughter Amber's garden, and luscious tomato from our garden along with some delightful green pepper. I enjoyed some cut up veggies with a little scrambled tofu for lunch, it was perfection.

And another quilt update. I have finished the border and am pleased with how it really finishes off the quilt top. I purchased green fabric for the backing, and blue fabric to make the binding along with a king size natural cotton batting. This evening I will seam the backing together and then layer the backing, batting and top and safety pin the layers together to hold everything in place. Next step will be to make the binding and put it on. Once the binding is added I can begin hand quilting, I purchased a golden-yellow thread to quilt with.

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affectioknit said...

Hi Bean,
...your grandson is adorable...and that's quite a long ride for a little guy...all your veg looks delish...and your quilt is beautiful...
~Have a lovely day!