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Saturday, June 6, 2020

WOOHOO The Annual Veggie Planting

Over Memorial Day weekend Dave finished getting our two veggie patches ready for planting , he had tilled the ground a few weeks ago so he wanted to go over everything very thoroughly to loosen the soil for planting. On Memorial Day we ran over to a local Amish greenhouse, we have purchased plants there for years, and picked up some seeds and a selection of veggie plants. On Tuesday I went into work, but at ten-thirty the power went out, since I am the only one going into the office during the pandemic, all my co-workers are working from home, I sat alone in the dark for an hour listening to various computer alarms beeping and chirping. As the electric company still had no estimate of power restoration after an hour I decided to go home. I am glad I chose to leave as the power was not restored until after three in the afternoon. I got home and luxuriated in an unexpected free afternoon all to myself, what should I do? Well at first I read for a bit, I am currently re-reading all of my Barbara Pym books, and then I dozed off. Upon waking I felt very refreshed and decided to head outside and plant the garden. It was an extremely pleasant afternoon in the upper seventies with abundant sunshine, perfect to work in. I planted ten tomato plants, six red bell pepper plants, six yellow bell pepper plants, six kale plants, four cucumber vines, four canteloupe vines, four watermelon vines, and eight broccoli plants. I planted seeds for giant zinnia, cosmos, marigolds, and giant sunflowers, and a row of green beans, some kale and beetroot. I put in a row of onions, but we had had the onion sets for quite some time and I am not sure if they will revive and grow, but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. Dave had planted a few rows of potatoes a month or so ago and the plants are looking good. We have had a nice mix of sunshine, warm temperatures and rain, perfect for our newly planted gardens, and on Wednesday I noticed that the cosmos and sunflowers were up. I really enjoy having a row of flowers here and there in the vegetable gardens. I am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Garden 2

Garden 1
Garden 2, different angle

The Happy Gardener
We have put most of the plants in a small enclosed garden as the deer seem to think we are providing an all you can eat salad bar. Unfortunately not all of our plants will fit in the small enclosure, so some had to be planted in the other garden, this morning I went out to check on things and every single broccoli plant was gone! 


affectioknit said...

WOW!...I'd love to have your garden...
~Have a lovely day!

Bean said...

We have been blessed to live here for the past twenty years, and we have kept a garden every year but one. We used to have these two gardens although they were at least twice the size, plus a third patch even bigger. I would spend my late summer and early fall canning and freezing. Most years I would can at least 80 quarts of tomatoes, and hundred or more pints of green beans, plus many other things. We used to grow a lot of cabbage and make at least a dozen quarts of saeurkraut, we had a large crock to let it ferment in, the whole house would begin to smell of it LOL. Unfortunately the crock developed a crack in the base after a number of years.