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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Campfire Fun

This past weekend we had a lovely campfire with our children and grandchildren. Saturday evening was sunny and pleasant with temperatures in the low sixties, perfect for sitting around a campfire. I picked up some goodies on my weekly shop for a campfire feast, our son Ben supervised the cooking of pudgie pies in the campfire. A good number of years ago my husband, Dave, picked up four campfire pudgie pie makers at a yard sale for a few dollars, and we finally used them. I got pizza sauce, pepperoni and grated Italian cheese blend for the pudgie pies and the grandchildren really liked their pepperoni pizza pudgie pie. A pudgie pie is a sealed toasted sandwich, the filling can be whatever you like. Some people put fruit pie filling in them and then dust with powdered sugar after cooking, or peanut butter and jelly, or cheese, really whatever you think you might enjoy is what you should put in them. And of course no campfire would be complete without s'mores. Bags of chips and some cookies added to the menu and Emily brought chicken and vegetable kebabs to grill for the grownups. I had a nice vegan salad of course. It was a lovely and relaxing evening with some of my most favorite people on the planet.

My husband Dave, or as I call him, DaveyPoo

Grandson Charles with his dad Brad

Granddaughter Aubrey

Grandson George, or as I call him, Georgous

Grandson Patrick trying to avoid the camera

Our daughter Amber with her nephew Harrison

Our son Ben with his son Ralph

Henry, Alivia and Ralph being goofballs

Aubrey, or as I call her, Dolly Dingle

Masen aka Mr. Macaroni, with Henry in the background


Ralph and Charles

Our son Matt with his youngest Harrison

Our son Ben and wife Taylor
Our wonderful, amazing, fabulous grandchildren

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affectioknit said...

All those sweet babes...what fun!
~Have a lovely day!