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Monday, June 8, 2020

Moving Day

Every other Saturday I watch our grandson Masen for the day, he is always disappointed that none of his cousins are coming to grandma and grandpa's house to play. Usually I arrange something for us to do, and often times do meet up with our daughter Amber and the five boys and this makes Masen very happy.
This past Saturday was moving day for our sons Matt and Ben. Matt and Tracy recently sold their house, it sold very quickly, like within four hours of going on the market and for thirteen thousand dollars over asking price, unbelievable especially during a pandemic! Anyway, they close with the buyers on Monday morning and have to be fully moved out by then. Unfortunately they have yet to find a new home to buy, so are moving to temporary accommodation. Ben and Taylor purchased their first home, just a few miles away from us, they closed this past Thursday, and spent all day yesterday moving the bulk of their possessions. I offered to watch all children so the parents could work steadily at packing and moving.
Masen arrived a little after eight in the morning, I told him our plans for the day and he was very excited. We left a little before nine to head to Matt and Traci's, we picked up Alivia, Aubrey, and baby Harrison, then we headed to Ben and Taylor's to pick up Ralph. Ralph was sitting on the porch swing waiting for us, it was so cute. We headed back to my house, and the cousins all rushed outside to play on the trampoline. We decided to have a picnic lunch, so I made sandwiches for everyone, packed up some cookies, cheese puffs, and juice and we headed out. We went to a little park in Grabill, popped the sleeping baby Harrison into his stroller, laid out the picnic blanket under a nice shade tree and enjoyed a very relaxing lunch. I found the song Teddy Bears Picnic on my phone and they enjoyed listening to it, and kept giggling a lot at the word unawares, as they interpreted it as underwear! After eating they all went to climb up and roll down a big hill close to where we were sitting. I kept an eye on them and read my book for a bit. After tiring of the hill, and the baby had woken up, we decided to pack up the picnic and walk the mile long trail around the prairie restoration area. It is a good trail as the entire path is paved which is very nice when you have a stroller to push.

the teddy bears on their picnic
The picnic packed in a lovely woven basket my mother purchased for me in France a number of years ago

The children enjoyed the trail, a perfect length for little legs, they enjoyed the flowers, and we saw a few butterflies. Then there was great excitement when they saw a caterpillar.

Checking out the caterpillar

Then disgust and outrage when they found a dead bird, all that was left were the wings, and some intestine, they were so concerned and wanted toknow what could have happened. I explained that perhaps a cat caught the bird, and then had to explain that the cat wasn't bad, it was just being a cat and that is what a cat does.
After our walk they were all hot and ready to go home for an ice cream cone. 

A short rest half way around the trail path

While scooping ice cream cones Amber and boys arrived at the house, so I ended up serving nine cones. Oh boy, there was so much excitement, nine children and baby make a lot of joyful chaos it is lovely. They were in and out of the house, out to the swing set, back to trampoline, play, play, play. The boys went home, Alivia, Aubrey, Masen and Ralph wanted dinner, so I made them chicken nuggets and fries, their favorite, and then everyone lay down to watch a Sponge Bob movie, the baby, Aubrey and Ralph fell asleep and peace descended on the family room. It was a wonderful day.

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