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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Birthday Fun

This past Sunday was our daughter Emily's 27th birthday, she is our youngest child, and it is hard to believe she turned 27! 

Happy Birthday Emily
When Emily turned 16 she asked for a chocolate chip cheesecake for her birthday cake, picture hereOn and off over the years she has made the same request and this year was no different. On Saturday afternoon I made the chocolate chip cheesecake from a recipe given to me eleven years ago by a former neighbor. Emily asked that I make a kid friendly cake for the grandchildren, so I asked the kids if they wanted birthday cup cakes or dirt pudding. They all wanted dirt pudding, no surprise there, LOL.

I asked Emily what she would like to eat for her birthday dinner, she opted for grilled salmon with blue cheese. For sides I made boiled red potatoes served with butter and parsley, and fresh green beans cooked with mushrooms, garlic, and vidalia onion in a little olive oil. There were hamburgers and Nathan's hot dogs (a favorite of the grandchildren) for those who did not want salmon. 

Earlier in the day everyone went to the zoo. This past Sunday was the first day the zoo was open for 2020 due to the pandemic, you had to be a member and you had to sign up for a time slot to go so that proper social distancing could be observed. The weather was amazing, super sunny and temperatures in the low 70's. Because of the social distancing rules a number of exhibits were put away but nothing that really deterred from the zoo experience. I went to the zoo with our daughter Amber and her boys at noon, our other children all had different time slots. Everyone enjoyed the zoo and then a nice birthday celebration dinner in the evening. It was all in all a perfectly wonderful day.

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