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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy...

Yet another glorious summer day, we have truly been blessed with so many fair weather days in a row. The grandsons are here today, so we decided to spend the morning outside. We headed out around nine-thirty, hung the wash, fed the chickens, fed the steer, and on our way back up to the house picked a bucketful of peppers and stopped by the grape arbor for a refreshing snack of canadice grapes.  After gathering up some supplies, water, apples, matches and paper, we headed back out to light a campfire. The fire soon took off, the little boys played happily in the mulberry tree while I enjoyed sitting in it's shade with Charlie.  After a little while Grandpa came out with two little boy cane fishing poles and the three of them headed off to the neighbors pond for some fishing. The boys caught several little fish and were very pleased with themselves.
After fishing everyone was hungry so we roasted hot dogs on the campfire and enjoyed a pleasant outdoor lunch.
Charlie finally awoke from his nap, what a pleasant nap kicked back in the stroller in the shade of the mulberry tree, he literally had it made in the shade :)  Now we are back in the house, two boys are tired, but are waiting patiently for grandpa to return from the store with popsicles. Yikes, Grandpa just called, Dollar Generals freezer broke down again, so no popsicles from there, so he is heading off to Sav A Lot in Grabill for some funko brand popsicles instead :)
I thought this was cute, as we sat around the campfire this morning I played a couple of games with the boys, one was Telephone, you know the game? the one where one person whispers a message to another, and at the end you never know how the message might end up. Anyway, Henry started one of the messages and whispered in my ear, "I like it when Patrick plays with me". I just love it, they play pretty well together for the most part and I think when Henry starts preschool next month Patrick is going to miss him very much.

They were deep in discussion when I was walking towards them, I wonder what they were so intently talking about?

Behind the sunflowers is a big patch of corn, in front is a row of cosmos flowers just about ready to bloom, and then a whole mess of tomato plants with tons of tomatoes beginning to turn red.


A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

What adorable little munchkins! As I read your post I was thinking of what wonderful memories your grandchildren will have of their time with you. It sounds like every child's dream.

Bean said...

I am fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with all four of our grandchildren. I "babysit" while their parents work, and happy to be able to help out. I also am glad that I can record my the day so nicely on the blog. Another blogger mentioned that blogs can be printed into a book for a keepsake, I would like to look into the cost of getting this done. Already the older two boys love to sit and scroll through the blog looking for pictures of themselves.


rebecca said...

What a pleasant way to pass a beautiful day - many, many memories being created....

We HAVE had some wondrous days, haven't we? Hubby and I had lunch at Grabill Store on Friday. (We'd never done that before - and found out that on Friday they had fish & shrimp! It was really good.) I thought of you as I pulled out a chair to sit down.

Bean said...

That sounds good Rebecca, we have not eaten lunch over there, but we have bought the fried chicken for take out and it is real good.

Keep my husband in your prayers, he has to have hernia surgery and is off work for the time being.

Thank you,