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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mr. Blue Sky

Today was truly a most beautiful day. I love white puffy cloud days!!! I was listening to a dramatization of Anne of Avonlea on BBC Radio 4 Extra, a story I really enjoy, as I was driving Sunday afternoon. Anne and Diana, her bosom friend and kindred spirit, enjoy a pleasant day together outdoors. As their time together comes to a close Anne says something along the lines of, "...I feel sorry for all the people who have not yet been born, because they missed this day, not that they won't have beautiful days, but they will never have this particular day...".  I think you get the drift, and today was one of those beautiful, perfect days. Nothing much happened, I had all four grand babies over, I pickled beets, did laundry, made stuffed peppers, and it was simply a perfectly satisfying day. The crickets chirping, a gentle breeze, a sun shiny day, puffy white clouds, the burble of our chickens, an occasional cock-a-doodle-do from our two roosters, the sunflowers beaming at us from the garden, babies playing, little boys imagining wondrous things as they played with blocks and toy cars. It was a day of just mundane things, yet a day so filled with blessings.

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