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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The little boys are over today and Alivia will be here in about an hour, so a full load of grand babies to entertain.  Little Charlie has a cold and is taking a nap, Pat is playing with the train set on the floor and Henry is doing school work.  I think a little later today we will bake some oatmeal raisin cookies.  I find that the day goes very well with a bunch of kiddies if there are plenty of things to keep them occupied, and cookie baking is always fun.
I have been sewing a little recently and have made the boys each a pair of shorts in a fabulous super-hero print fabric and Alivia now has a matching sundress. Last summer I cut out a fabric to make Dave a shirt, then kind of lost my sewing mojo for a while, (like a year), but this week I put the shirt together and am pleased with it.  Dave really likes the animal print, the more you look the more you see.

 am pleased to say that Angie, Dave's sister, responded extremely well to her treatment for lung cancer and she is now cancer free.  TRULY CANCER FREE - isn't that an amazing blessing from the Lord! 
Emily and her boyfriend Skylar are expecting a baby next March, this will be our fifth grandchild! I think there will be a wedding in January.  It is always exciting to have a baby to look forward to, I wonder what it will be? 

Lately I have felt rather unsettled and restless, I think about my next birthday, not until March, and the fact that I will be fifty, and I wonder how on earth that can possibly be.  It makes me feel very strange when I think about it, fifty???  how bizarre!  

I am continuing to read my bible each day, I have a little booklet that gives me an old testament and new testament reading each day and after one year I will have read the entire bible.  I like the Kings James version of the bible, it makes me slow down when I read and I have to think about what is written. I am continuing to do a bible study program with Lamp and Light out of New Mexico, it is a correspondence course, I enjoy it. I started last year, kind of ran out steam, but picked back up earlier this summer and am going strong.  I think God brings things to me in the season that I need it.  

I have done a lot of reading this summer, all books by Christians who have faced adversity with a grace only possible because of their strong faith. I have enjoyed the books, they really show me how to live a faith filled life, and I am learning to turn all things over to the Lord. 

Recently I made some little signs and hung them on the cabinets by the kitchen sink, I find them encouraging, and since I am in the kitchen a lot it is nice to look over an see a little note of encouragement. 


A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I'd love to see your list of books you read this summer. :-)

I like to put index cards with scriptures on my cabinets, too. And above the sink on the windowsil.. on counters...taped on the dashboard of the car.. really anywhere will work. I love God's Word.

Rebecca said...

Don't know how/why I've missed a couple of your posts...

I want you to know that from my vantage point, 50 sounds quite young. It is a GREAT age to be. Embrace it along with all the experiences and wisdom that comes with having lived those years.

I'm going to put a few cards with verses or quotes on MY cupboard doors. (Right now I just have an oatmeal bread recipe and a salad dressing one that I particularly like. you'd think I'd have them memorized, but I don't.

Inside the door above our coffee maker, I have instructions for cleaning it with dates I've cleaned it penciled into its margins. In the OTHER margin, I have written the dates I've changed the filter in our water pitcher...

Bean said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I had a stir fry sauce recipe taped inside one of the cabinet doors for years, one day I noticed it was gone!
I keep little post it notes around my computer at work with bible verses too.