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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tree Take Down Day

Yesterday we headed to my parents house to take down a couple of dead hickory trees.  Dave and Brian, my brother-in-law, armed with chainsaws and our son Matt, had both trees down in no time at all, that was the easy bit. Next the trees had to be cut into logs, all the small branches trimmed off, and then all the logs hauled away to be stacked in another area.  Once the job was done we enjoyed a lovely meal on the deck, Brian grilled up steaks that my Mom had purchased at Fresh Market, and we had corn on the cob from our garden, lovely baked potatoes, and delicious caramelized onions. But most importantly we had a great day working together as a family and had the satisfaction of a job well done.

Dave cutting down a trunk into log size pieces.
Brian trimming down the stump to ground level.

Getting psyched up to load the wagon with more logs.

Charlie took every opportunity to climb up onto the tractor.

Playing on the tractor.

Oh, the lure of the tractor.

Charlie thinks he helping.

A ride back from unloading logs.

Alivia supervising from the stroller.

Two grubby, tired babies, who were ready for a diaper change, bottle, and nap!

I told you they were tired! :)


Pete said...

Very nice post - a fond memory to look back on. DO NOT give up on your blog, it is a powerful picture diary of Bean's Life.

Bean said...

Thanks Dad.