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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This And That

I recently finished another pair of socks, this time in a pretty pink. I am so loving my knitted socks, they are comfortable to wear and very colorful.

I finished the animal print quilt.

Many years ago I purchased a couple of crocheted hot pads at a garage sale. The older lady hosting the garage sale took care of her very elderly mother, a little old lady in a wheel chair who loved to crochet hot pads. The elderly mother was busy crocheting another hot pad, to add to the many all ready on display and available for purchase. I thought they looked very cheerful and useful so purchased a couple. Well they were a good find, I loved the crocheted hot pads and they were in constant use. I still have one very worn hot pad from the garage sale, and luckily found a pattern for the crocheted double sided hot pads online. I have made a few over the years. Because they are in constant use they do eventually wear out. A couple of weeks ago after a bit of a mishap in the kitchen I totally destroyed one, burning a large hole through one side, it was ruined. Never fear, the next time I went to Walmart for groceries I picked up a ball of variegated yarn, color mistletoe, and after a couple of evenings of crocheting my little heart out I now have two new hot pads that will be in constant use for many years to come.

My husbands latest project dwarfs any project I have ever done, he is re-painting the house! We painted the house red many years ago, had to re-paint it after a number of years as the paint faded, and it is again time to re-paint. Actually it has been time to re-paint for quite a long time, but it is a big project.

All finished with the power washing.

Finishing up the application of the primer, we rather like the gray color, so think if we ever tire of the red and decide to change things up we will go with gray but a darker shade than the primer.

And, how exciting, the color is applied and the top front of the house almost done. Dave plans to repaint the shutters to freshen them up.

On Saturday a pleasant surprise was found in the veggie patch. Grandson Masen came over for the day and we spent most of out time outside as I have been on a yard clean up mission all week. Dave and Masen were helping to haul many, many lopped off branches from the bushes I had attacked with my handy clippers and the bigger branches with Dave's reciprocating saw back to the veggie garden so I could burn them. We were taking a bit of a breather and I wandered around the weedy, very weedy garden and noticed green stripes in amongst the weeds, and there was a gigantic watermelon. We all were very amused. And Masen and I were very happy because we LOVE watermelon.

Masen showing off the giant watermelon.

Masen and Grandpa decided the watermelon should head back to the house in the wagon. Masen held onto the watermelon for dear life he didn't want it to "fall" out of the wagon.

 We cut the watermelon open and it looked as if it was smiling at us. Oh, and in case you are wondering, it was absolutely delicious.

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affectioknit said...

Love the socks and the quilt...and the big watermelon...and your house looks amazing...
~Have a lovely day!