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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sunday Fun

 The last Sunday of summer 2020. I made "the giant beef pot pie" for the family to eat and, I enjoyed some vegan baked beans and thirded bread.  I  spent Sunday morning baking bread to keep us going for the next few weeks. However the new bread supply dwindled quickly as the family arrived and ate their way through two loaves of warm from the oven bread.  "The giant beef pot pie" is a family favorite this time of year, I make it in our largest cast iron skillet, which I also use to make "the giant apple pie", another fall favorite. 

The weather was beautiful and all of the grandsons headed outside with our son Ben to play football, it was fun to watch. After eating it was time for family haircuts. Our daughter Amber is a hairdresser, she stopped working in the hair business about a year ago and now works for a dentist, but she still enjoys cutting hair and has a nice little side business going to her clients home to cut their hair. Every five or six weeks she does family haircuts. Little grandson Ralphie has lately refused to get his hair cut, but it was getting so long that this time his mom and dad (Taylor and Ben) said he had to do it and after a bit of coaxing he willing went to the chair!  

"The giant beef pot pie"

 Masen and I enjoying a late summer evening together.

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