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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Chore Day with a Fun Diversion

Well today is Monday, and this is generally the day of the week that I get my heavy duty chores done, like cleaning floors and bathrooms, laundry, changing beds, dusting and vacuuming and whatever else takes my fancy.
I go into work for two hours on Monday morning and usually get home no later than eleven. Today I was barely in the front door when my neighbor called to see what I was doing, I told her house cleaning, she said it was such a nice day we should do something, I agreed but couldn't think of too much to do. So I asked Nancy if she wanted to come down and have a piece of pie and a cup of coffee, she of course said yes. Fifteen minutes later, Nancy, Emily, and myself were enjoying the last of the  Razzle Dazzle Berry pie (Marie Callenders, and absolutely fabulous) left over from Mother's day.  While we were talking Nancy got a phone call, someone needed their mare transported for breeding. Nancy keeps her stud stallion, Diamond, at a local Amish farm and the mare that needed bred was at another Amish place about eight miles away.  The mare had had an ultrasound and it was determined that she should be bred this evening and tomorrow for the best chance of getting her with foal. Boy, the things I learn some days :)
Nancy's horse trailer was back by our steer pen, in readiness for taking Beef the steer in for processing next week, we decided we were up for the challenge and could transport the mare.
We walked back to Nancy's place, got in her jeep, drove out to our field, hooked up the horse trailer, went to get gas (decided next time, if there is a next time, we will get gas before hooking up the horse trailer), then drove to Netta's place to pick up her mare.  What a superbly well behaved mare, she just trotted out and walked right into the trailer and within five minutes we were on our way to Wilmer's place to drop the young lady off so she could spend a happy day or two with Diamond the stud stallion!!
With our fun diversion over I arrived back home and still had my list of chores to work through.. And, I wish that I had taken my camera, as today it is simply beautiful out, puffy white clouds and abundant sunshine. Nancy and I decided we would haul horses any day of the week, but only if the weather is beautiful and the drive scenic :)

Another thing I wanted to do today, and have accomplished, was to switch out the table and four chairs in our kitchen with the table and six chairs in the basement.  Taking apart the kitchen table and getting it downstairs was easy, I did not put it back together I simply stored it, I then removed the legs from the large table in the basement, transporting the legs and the six chairs upstairs wasn't bad. Next the table top had to come up, well I wrestled with it, and wrestled with it, and decided that I was never, ever going to get the thing up stairs by myself.  What to do, what to do, so thinking cap on, maybe I could pull the van around back and load the table top in, we have a walk out basement, and drive it around front, but I was not sure that I would be able to lift the heavy top into the van. Keep thinking, keep thinking, what to do, and I finally decided I could roll the table top, a large oval, out of the basement door, and around the house to the front door. Wow this worked really well, it is not wet outside, the table rolled surprisingly easy, and due to it's size each roll around  moved it a good distance. An hour later the table was reassembled and then it, and the chairs, washed down and now I have a lot more room to seat everyone when we have dinner. Yea!!

After all of this, I had to clean the basement. Last month we purchased 12, day oldish chicks, they have lived in the basement since. The 4' by 6' crate they live in at the moment needed cleaned out, it was getting just a tad pongy, and I needed to clean up all the DUST the chicks generate. Chickens naturally create a fine white powdery dust, it drifts over everything, I have to stay on top of it or pretty soon we would ankle deep in the stuff.  So I cleaned out their coop, this always sends them into a tizzy, then swept and vacuumed up all of the dust they created and all the fluffy little downy feathers that seem to get everywhere.  One thing with the chicken dust is as it drifts everywhere it lands on cobwebs, basements seem to have a bazillion cobwebs no matter how often they are swept and vacuumed away, the coating of dust makes the webs extremely noticeable, which isn't a bad thing as it has made me much more vigilant about clearing them away.
So two major chores are accomplished, I still need to dust and vacuum, and the bathrooms are awaiting my attention, but all in all it has been a productive day.


rebecca said...

You sure packed a bunch into your day. That's what I call "making hay while the sun shines"!

Your dining room set is really nice...I'm sure you'll enjoy meals and conversations around that table :)

Maggie Ann said...

Thats amazing how you got the table top moved all by yourself!