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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

String Theory and Contentment

Well if you give two little boys a ball of yarn (string) my theory is that they will be kept busy for some time as they make a master web and wait in excited glee for their Aunt Emily to come downstairs to be caught in their trap!!!!  There are frequent mutterings of, "I'm stuck", or "Help me Grandma", but all in all web building and trapping is great fun!! We will need to de-web the family room before we leave for story time at the library.
Trapped in their own web
Monday was Labor Day, Dave spent the day working in the yard, mowing, cleaning up the vegetable gardens, cleaning out the cow shed, and generally enjoying himself driving the tractor around and putzing.  I did some household chores, sewed a new skirt, and then Emily and I decided to go into Fort Wayne to enjoy the River Greenway paths.  I walked the Greenway for two miles, Emily jogged most of it. We decided to return to the car by a different route so we walked back through the West Central historic neighborhood and then downtown back through Headwaters Park. It was a warm day, but so pleasant to stroll along the Greenway by the river.  Here are some pictures of downtown Fort Wayne:

The former Electron Building, now offices for a group o f  attorneys.
The former City Building, it also housed the police department and had holding cells in  the basement,  it is now home to the Historical Museum.  Today school children enjoy a trip to the basement to check out the kind of spooky jail cells. Isn't a lovely building? very gingerbread. The museum does host an annual gingerbread house competition each December.
The Allen County court house, a beautiful building.  Inside is more that 15, 000 square feet of scagliola - faux marble, there is also a wonderful rotunda to gaze up into.  The court house is well worth a visit to enjoy the sites, perhaps not so much fun if you have to appear in court, although the court rooms are pretty spectacular too.

The former Lincoln Tower, now Star Bank, a great example of Art Deco architecture, it was built in 1929 and opened for business in 1930.  The main lobby is rather awesome, again worth a quick visit.

After returning home from our walk Dave decided it would be nice to roast a chicken over the fire pit, I can tell you the chicken was very good, I enjoyed a leg with some butternut squash and brussel sprouts, Dave had potato salad and creamy cucumber salad as his sides.

The chicken chef

Me, enjoying a later summer evening!


Rebecca said...

You look great in that hat! G & I will be doing the West Central Neighborhood Walk this weekend. We bought our tickets already. We enjoy seeing the inside of several homes as well as the gardens, etc.

I THINK this is also the weekend where you can get free passes to several places - like the Art Museum, Botanical Gardens, etc. It happened that way last year, too (that the two events coincided). Unfortunately, it didn't leave us enough time to do it all....

Vicky said...

Love the hat!

Bean said...

Hi Rebecca, Hi Vicky.

I did the West Central tour probably 15 years ago, the homes are most delightful, I really enjoyed it. I may take a gander on Saturday, depends how the day plays out. My daughter and grandsons will be in the Grabill Days parade, so that definitely cannot be missed, there is a reenactment at The Fort of the siege of 1812, we might pop over to check it out, and the Swinney Homestead is open for the weekend. I think the "passport" to the museums is for Sunday, I will see what energy I have left for that.
Isn't it wonderful to live in a community with so much going on, and I believe everything I mentioned except for the West Central tour is FREE!! How great is that???


kat said...

How wonderful, to have magic web builders in the house! I hope they enjoyed the library story time as well; we do regular rhyme times in our libraries in Sussex, which go down a treat!
Oh and, yes, very fine hat!!!

Bean said...

Hi Kat,

Yes the boys enjoyed story time very much. We go most weeks, they just love Miss Dawn the librarian. After the 30 minute story time they get to do a simple craft. It is a nice time out, I chit chat with other grandmas, there are several that take their grandchildren regularly, and the children have a nice time. I used to enjoy taking my children to story time, it was a fun outing to look forward to each week.