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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Shower Fun and a Recipe

This afternoon we hosted a baby shower for daughter in law Traci.  Emily and Amber organized the games, Amber ordered the cake, Emily made a very cute fruit salad baby carriage centerpiece, and I prepared the rest of the food. Our guest of honor, Traci, arrived just before two, and shortly after the other guests arrived and then the baby shower started.  We played the The Price Is Right - Amber had four items set out, and prices for each written on four separate cards, it was Traci's job, with the help of the guests to match the right price with the right item, they only managed to get one correct!!  The next game was guess how many Hershey Kisses are in the Dora the Explorer sippy cup, there were 37, the closest guess without going over was 35.  We then gave our guests 2 minutes to come up with as many words as possible out of Alivia's full name, the winner had over fifteen words - WOW!.  As guests arrived they were asked to cut a piece of yarn to any length they wanted, and for the final game each piece of yarn was measured around Traci to see who came the closest, and believe it or not, one guest almost hit the length exactly. We also asked each guest to write down their advice for the new mom in a pretty notebook, everyone had plenty of advice.
After games it was time to unwrap gifts, Traci received many nice items, and we all oohed and aahed over the cute little clothes, hats, hair bows, shoes, and other items for the soon to born Alivia.
Wow after all of that it was time for refreshments, we enjoyed the following on our menu:

Chicken Salad Finger sandwiches
Ham Wraps (recipe following)
Chicken Hot Wings
Veggies and Dip
Deviled Eggs
Pineapple and Cheese on sticks
Fruit Salad served in a watermelon cut to look like a baby carriage (very cute)
Pink Lemonade

Ham Wraps

8oz sour cream
8oz cream cheese
1 small can chopped black olives (drained)
1 package of tortillas
1 package of sliced ham
1 bunch of green onions (sliced thinly)

Mix together the sour cream and cream cheese, then stir in the black olives.  Spread the cream cheese mixture over the tortillas, sprinkle over the green onions, lay ham slices on top. Roll up the tortilla, cut off the ends and discard, then slice the rest of the roll into bite size pieces.
We ran out of ham, so did some with dill pickles (my son Matt suggested dill pickles as he had wraps prepared with them before and said they were good), they were good.

Here are some pictures to enjoy:


The "baby" in it's watermelon carriage!

Measuring the yarn.

The little ones, oblivious to the party, did  their own thing.

Opening gifts.

The cake.

Oh what fun wrapping paper is to play in.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Those were some clever games! The "Price is Right" game is especially good. And I love the picture of the little kids playing with the wrapping paper. Bet they had the best time ever with that.

Rebecca said...

How 'ya doing? I'm betting life is busy at your house....Doesn't this crisp, cool weather make you feel energetic?

(I thought I'd commented on this post but see that I didn't. I sure looked like a fun, creative, and successful shower.)