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Monday, December 26, 2011

What a Wonderful Day

As Dave and I sat on the sofa yesterday evening recuperating with a glass of wine and an episode of Doc Martin on Netflix we agreed that we had enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day with our family.
The day started out early, literally at the very beginning of December 25, as we went to midnight mass at St. Peters to begin our celebration of Christmas day.
At eight in the morning  we ran over to our daughter and son-in-law's home to watch grandsons Henry and Patrick open their gifts. Let me tell you, little children really make day, they are so excited and so caught up in the moment and of course they are just so gosh darn cute!!
We headed back to our house so Dave could carve the ham while I finished some other meal prep. Then then we waited for our younger two, Ben and Emily, to emerge from their bedrooms, and our oldest son Matt and his wife Traci, and Brad, Amber and the boys to arrive.  By eleven everyone was assembled in the living room and a fun and crazy chaos took over as we opened gifts.  My sister Marika, husband Brian, and nieces Carly and Caitie arrived at one thirty and the feasting began.  After dinner, dessert, much snacking and glasses of wine, everyone staggered to the family room for a Chinese gift exchange!  The rest of the afternoon we chit-chatted and enjoyed each others company. By six everyone had gone home, our younger two left with their dates, and Dave and I put the house back together.  We really enjoyed our day, it was a wonderful Christmas and we feel truly blessed.  Some pictures for your enjoyment.

The Holy Family

Henry was up bright and early to see what Santa had brought him.

Patrick found his stocking to contain many interesting things!

The boys take a good look at their new toy box specially built for them by  Grandpa.

Emily, Ben, and Henry wait patiently for gift opening time.


Dave is thrilled with his grilling apron. Grill Master, The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

The joyful chaos of Christmas morning.
Brad and Henry try out the basketball hoop while tired Patrick has a cuddle with Mommy.
Mission accomplished - Patrick is taking a much needed nap!!
Marika and Brian model their loot from the Christmas Crackers.

Matt and Traci.
Dave and me.


Pete said...

Excellent post Bean, how was the weather - I couldn't tell from the pictures because everyone looked so comfortable.
It was another tedious 80 degree day here but we're managing. Anyway it appears that everyone had a great time and, I am sure, all were well fed!
On top of all of that, tha days are getting longer again - Whoopee.


Bean said...

Yea the days are getting longer - about time :) The weather was very nice, about 40 degrees, the day started out very sunny and become partly cloudy by the afternoon. It was not a good Christmas to receive a sled, but an excellent one to receive a new bicycle!!! Amber said a couple of boys were riding their new bikes around her neighborhood yesterday morning.