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Friday, December 30, 2011


Today we put away all of the Christmas decorations, except for our nativity scene which will remain out through epiphany, and the tree went off to our local drop off point for recycling.  I stored everything in two storage bins and wrote on the lids exactly what was contained inside and ran them up to the attic.
Then I went to our bedroom and decided to sort our my closet, I simply went through everything in my closet and pitched anything that I have not worn in a very long time, this created quite a large pile of clothing to donate to the Goodwill along with a rarely worn pair of gym shoes.  I then sorted out one drawer in my dresser that needed a going through.  As I was sorting things out Dave came upstairs and was motivated to sort out his clothing, now he can fit everything into his chest of drawers, he threw out a lot of totally worn out items.  We loaded up the van, piled in the grandsons and headed off to run a few errands and make a donation to Goodwill.  It is freeing to clean things out, organize and eliminate no longer needed items.
 Next week I plan to sort out some storage bins in the attic.  Last spring I had a major sort out in the attic and we purged many, many things, I now would like to empty some of the storage bins.  Some contain outgrown clothing from our children, two of whom are now married and have their own homes, we will donate it since it was kept because it was in good shape.  Another bin contains the collection of stuffed animals, most are Emily's, I think she will want to keep her Build A Bear animals, but everything else can be donated. Another box contains junk, so I will decide what needs to be donated and what needs to be pitched.  I would also like to sort out the closets in my sewing room, they have become a dumping ground for items that we don't know what else to do with, again I think I will end up with a large donation pile.  Anyway this should get me well on my way to purging 365 items from our home for 2012!
What areas of your home do you need to sort out, de-clutter, and/or organize?

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Pen Wilcock said...

Seems to be something to do with the time of year - my whole household is on a roll with de-cluttering, too!!