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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cookie Fun

Sugar cut out cookies - 6 dozen
Chocolate chocolate/mint chip cookies - 3 dozen
Peanut butter reindeer cookies - 6 dozen
Peanut blossoms - 3 dozen
Rice Krispie treats - 2 dozen
Chocolate covered pretzels - a lot
Fun had by all - PLENTY!!

Merry Christmas 

 The little guys!

This frosting looks interesting

Decorating cookies for Santa 

Cookies anyone? 

Good job Henry! 

 Wowsers, what bright cookies!

Do you like my Santa diaper? 

 Cookie Central

Reindeer cookies


Pete said...

Perhaps I was wrong about cookie quantities. When they mentioned 12 dozen per contributor at the cookie fest here last week, I thought they had lost it. Now it turns out that a dozen dozen is about the norm. DO NOT eat them all at once - I did that with my cashew nuts and am still trying to recover ;o((


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Looks like a lot of delicious fun!

Bean said...

There are not that many cookies left to eat since we started distributing them. Amber, the cookie baking assistant, took half of the cookies home to make up platters for gifts. Dave's dad took home a small plate of cookies, as did Matt. I have a cookie platter made up to take to work on Tuesday, and Henry took a few home for Santa. Cookies can be dangerous, so it best to quickly give them all away :)

Marika said...

How come my posts never show up?