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Saturday, May 2, 2009

In the field of opportunity it's planting time again

Spring is upon us, and so it time to plant the garden. Husband, Dave, does all of the planting, he likes everything to be very organized, and all plants must be properly spaced, and lined up like soldiers on parade - this makes for a very nice looking garden. So far, potatoes are in, we anticipate about 100 plants to come up, peas are planted, and the onions are in. Cabbage will go in shortly, then green beans and corn. Dave started 48 tomato plants, they will be ready to plant out by the end of the month, and we will then plant some peppers. We plan to do pumpkins, but this year we are going to wait until late June to plant them, in prior years we have had pumpkins all ready in mid August, and by the end of the September they are rotting on the vines, and we think that we probably planted too early.
In the middle of winter it is nice to start thinking about what will be planted in the spring, what seeds we want to start in the house, where we will plant things, and once the weather breaks it is wonderful to get out and start working in the gardens. In August I will spend a lot of time canning, and freezing the bounty from our garden, such rewarding work, and the food will take us most of the way through to the next years harvest. There is nothing like opening a jar of home canned tomatoes in middle of winter and breathing in their wonderful tomatoey aroma and in your minds eye you are immediately transported back to a warm summer day in the garden!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. We plan another big garden this year. Right now we have lots of little veggies in pots in the living room and porch greenhouse waiting for June first. Up here in Alaska nothing gets planted until then due to frost/freeze danger. It snowed a little Tuesday.