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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here Chicky Chicky, Here

Sometime during the night on April 10th our chickens had an intruder visit and wreak carnage on the flock. Whatever came in, dug underneath the fence, then proceeded to kill 5 chickens out right, two completely disappeared and are presumed dead, and two managed to survive. The two survivors were so traumatized that they did not leave the chicken house at all, and stopped laying altogether - and who can blame them??

Well fast forward two weeks, the chicken house is completely cleaned out, repairs made, and the new flock all settled and moved in. Fortunately my brother-in-law and wife also keep chickens, they had more than they needed and were willing to sell us 10 new hens. We went to pick up the hens, popped them into some large cardboard boxes and transported them back home, none the worse for wear, the hens moved into their new home and promptly started laying eggs. We now have 4 barred rock, 3 rhode island reds, and 3 black star chickens, a mighty fine looking flock if I do say so myself. There is nothing as lovely as a fresh brown egg!!

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