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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Snow! And, Can You Identify This House Plant?

We are forecast to get quite a snowfall today. I went out at six-thirty this morning to walk and the wind was blowing hard, the snow was falling fast, and the going was adventurous. Funny how a little inclement weather turns my ordinary daily exercise into a battle of me versus the elements, and I just love it. There is something about being bundled up, hunched up to fend off the blowing wind and driving snow, tromping through the drifts, be wary not to slip, everything becomes a challenge in a good way, a fun way.

I usually walk a mile in fourteen minutes, today my average speed was seventeen minutes per mile, a significant slow down, but I feel like it was a good work out, it was more like hiking. When I got back to the house I filled the bird feeders and shoveled the front walk. Right now the temperature is just below freezing, but by tomorrow morning we are going to be down to two degrees and we will remain sub-zero for several days, brrrrr.

Now, can anyone tell me what this plant is? I "won" it in a silent auction at a family reunion this past September. The plant sits on a table in front of a west facing window and seems very happy where I have it. In the past weeks it started to blossom, the first blossom to appear has now turned a reddish/pinkish color. The leaves are some what serrated, thick, but not like a succulent, and the stem is quite woody. The plant is about a foot tall. I really like it but wish I knew more about it.


Pen Wilcock said...

Isn't that plant a Flaming Katy (Calandiva Kalanchoe)?

It does look almighty chilly where you are!!

Bean said...

I will google Flaming Katy and see if that is what it is. Thank you!

And, brrr it is chilly, about 6 inches of snow today, still snowing, and a low of 2 tonight and only reaching 13 for a high tomorrow.


affectioknit said...

...the snow looks lovely...and it's good to slow down sometimes...
~Have a lovely day!