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Friday, December 7, 2018

Packed Lunch for Vegans

Well I am pleased to say that Dave is still eating vegan for most days of the week, with an occasional vegetarian meal and he eats meat for one meal a week.

I work two full days a week, and I take the same thing for lunch each day, yes you have guessed it, my bowl of weeds along with an apple and some cut up veggies. Dave usually takes a sandwich, sometimes with soup, and sometimes a bean and rice wrap.

Each morning I wake up at four-thirty and am out of bed by five at the latest. I head downstairs put on the coffee, make my oatmeal, take my vitamins and supplements, check the news via the internet and make our lunches and head out for a walk or run. First I put my veggies on to steam, cut up my raw veggies, and put lentils, canned tomatoes and nutritional yeast in a plastic container in readiness for the addition of the steamed veggies. That's my lunch made. For Dave I make a "salad sandwich', he had a 100% whole wheat bun with Dijon mustard and then has some lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomato, a nice slice of Vidalia onion and some pickled mild yellow peppers. If it is a cold day, he works outside, I add a thermos of soup. Vegan vegetable soup is his favorite, and I do a sort of vegan Jumbalaya soup he enjoys too. Vegan soup is quick and easy to make, no waiting for meat to cook thoroughly and become tender. For a change he takes bean and rice wraps. I mix together a can of fat free refried beans, mix in a cup of cooked brown rice, salsa to taste, and some chopped onion. I put this mixture into an X-treme Hi-Fiber whole wheat wrap, he usually takes three, a tasty lunch, they are good cold or hot.

My lunch. I take a knife to cut my apple with, chopsticks to eat my lunch with, and a book to read.

My trusty lunch bag

Dave's "salad sandwich"

A thermos of soup, I think this was the vegan jumbalaya-ish soup.


affectioknit said...

Love the lunch...and the bag!
~Have a lovely day!

Pen Wilcock said...

That all sounds tasty and healthy! I only just caught up with your Thanksgiving post too, and I love that picture of the big platter of raw veggies!
In our household, Huel has become very important for some of us. It's really helpful to take to work for lunch (unflavoured but whizzed up with an assortment of fruit) for those of us who don't do well with bread — which is all the women in our house. The Huel is expensive, but it is a complete food (vegan) and very sustaining. I don't have it because I don't go out to work, so I can easily make a cooked meal at midday, but Alice and Her and Rosie have Huel every day.

Bean said...

I will have to look into this Huel that you speak of. :)