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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Advent Reflections

We are almost to the third Sunday of Advent, in the Catholic church it is known as Gaudete Sunday, as Mass is celebrated the Priest will wear Rose (pink) vestments, the pink candle will be lit in the advent wreath. We are getting close to the celebration of the first coming of Christ. 

This week I attended a Penance service, it was a simple, we sang a hymn, no music, listened to a reading and reflection, recited the Act of Contrition together and then waited to go to confession. Nine priests were on hand, so the wait was not long, but it is a good time to reflect, pray and prepare for confession. In fact I spent most of Tuesday praying, reflecting and preparing for confession. You see it a sacrament that I should partake of much more frequently than I do. I cannot remember when I last went, a good number of years ago. 

After talking with the priest, confessing my sins, he spoke to me and gave me my penance. I have cherished the words of the priest, they brought much comfort, and challenge to live my life for Christ, and his words gave me peace. It is hard to go to confession, but it brings so much peace, why, oh why, do I allow so much time to go by between confessions.

From an adult perspective I find Advent a time of spiritual reflection, and hopefully spiritual growth. But as a grandmother to nine little ones I also find Advent to be so much fun, so it is a nice balance.

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