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Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Latest Knitting Project

I had a lot of left over yarn from various projects and a lot of light blue yarn that I though would make a lovely sweater for grandson Charlie.  I remembered a pattern that I have used to knit the older boys sweaters, except theirs were just plain, so decided to venture into knew territory and try intarsia knitting and the result is this cheerful tugboat.

The picture started out easily enough, mainly blue with just a little white here and there for waves, but by the time I was half way up the front I had so many lengths of yarn coming off of this project that I began to feel a bit overwhelmed and almost called it quits. I am glad that I persevered onward and upward as the middle was really the most intense and slowly but surely the picture simplified again and the top half went very quickly.

I will definitely do another intarsia knitting project, and I hope little Charlie is pleased with his new sweater.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is just so cute.

Lynda said...

Amazing!! Puts my knitted garter stitch squares to shame :) xx