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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Google +

I recently made the mistake of adding a google + account, and oh how I disliked it, this morning I figured out how to delete it and how to return to my old, familiar, blogger set up.

I was a little scared that my blog would get deleted, but the google + simply does not allow for any privacy whatsoever.  You can block certain things from public viewing, and be sure you do if you choose to use the application because otherwise all information required to enter to set up the account will display - YIKES!!

Another thing I did not like is that when I comment on other blogs if a person wants to click on my "name" instead of going to my blog they are taken to the rather perplexing Google + screen that takes a certain level of determination to figure out how to get to someone's blog.  In the past I have found frustration when following a blog comment author and it goes to a Google + account and it all becomes a bit bewildering.

Facebook - easy to use, privacy settings - easy to use.  Google + weird to use and I for the life of me cannot figure out the purpose of Google +. I saw a few comments that indicated that Google wants it to be the new Facebook, well they better go take a good look at Facebook and see why people like it, it is because it is super easy to use.

Well enough of my rant on Google +.

Dear Digby is doing better, the steriods and pain pills seem to working, he is eating, going potty and getting around okay. Occasionally I hear a yelp of pain, like once per day, but nothing like it was several days ago. We are thankful he is doing better and seems to be almost back to normal.

I missed church this morning, I have my grandsons today and they usually go along to Sunday school.  I didn't think there would be a children's class today as the three ladies that teach asked for prayer last Sunday for safe travels as they were all going away for spring break. Well it is just as well we didn't leave for Sunday school because as we were getting ready to leave for church service the baby pooped and one of the older boys had a rather messy bathroom accident. I had to run to Dollar General to buy a packet of boys underwear and some pajama pants, upon return the child was cleaned up and put to rights and then I scrubbed down the bathroom and gave my thanks for paper towels and Clorox Clean Up!
I hope I can go to bible study and Sunday evening service but may not as our son Ben is home from university this weekend and will be back over a little later today and I am not sure of his plans but he will probably stay for supper and if he does I obviously will stay home.

Prayer Request:
Two people at my office seem to have developed chronic health issues that are causing them a lot of pain and stress at this time - please pray for healing.
A fellow blogger, Rebecca, - please pray for healing as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.
For my daughter and daughter in law that they have trouble free pregnancies and deliveries and healthy babies. Amber's baby, their fourth boy, is due in mid-August, and Traci's baby, their second, is due in late November. We will have six grandchildren by the end of the year - FEELING BLESSED.


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