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Monday, June 10, 2013

To Blog or NOT to Blog?

I have come to the conclusion that blogging seems very  self-centered. 

Some questions I keep asking myself, who am I blogging for, and why am I blogging, and exactly what purpose does it really serve, and is it what i should be doing with my time? 

Blogging is a bit like keeping a journal, but not really, because a blog is being written for an audience, a journal is generally for private use. 

I like looking back through my blog and looking at my thoughts on particular days, my grandsons love looking at pictures of themselves on the blog, my Mom enjoys catching up with us by reading the blog, but these do not seem reason enough to keep blogging.

I am at a crossroads right now, to blog or not to blog, to close the blog or simply leave it as is, I am wrestling with the decision.  I continue to pray to seek guidance but know which way I am being called.

What are your thoughts about blogging?

Peace and Grace to you,



VickyF said...

I really enjoy your blog and pictures. It helps me connect with you even though we don't see each other regularly any more :) I hope you continue.

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I struggle with some of the same questions. I have 3 blogs. The Xanga blog is dormant but the aim was to minister to and encourage the keeper at home. The Living on Less Money blog is kept going because my husband hopes it will bring in income someday. I'm not so hopeful but adapt to his wishes. The last blog on grief is to help others who have lost a child through suicide. I've thought of transferring the Xanga blog to the LOLM site. Too busy right now. I don't like my writings to be self-centered but to direct people to God. I don't always succeed.. esp. on the LOLM blog. I pray the Lord will direct your steps Bean.

Lynda said...

Hi Bean - I'm where you are at the moment too. Trying to decide whether to close my blog. I don't really have time to keep it up, but knowing it's there and I haven't updated it for awhile puts pressure on I can do without.

I don't like to share too much personally stuff on my blog and I also wonder about the relevance of having it 'out there'.

I really feel my letter writing is more of a ministry - where I can hopefully be an encouragement to other women, but it seems to have gone by the wayside as my time is limited. But the more I think on it the more I feel God wanting me to focus on writing letters.

Also I feel 'calmer' the less time I spend on the computer.

Your post may just have helped me make up my mind :o) xx

Bean said...

You are exactly where I am at, WOW, I read your comment and it reflects my thoughts exactly.
I love writing letters, it does seem a much deeper connection with a friend than a generalized blog post, as there is truly a back and forth sharing.
Plus, the blog is very one sided, you know the bloggers pics, posts, thoughts, and then the readers. Some readers comment, others never do, so you don't really know who is genuinely seeking a connection, a back and forth a sharing of thoughts and ideas and who simply likes to peek into the lives of others without having to commit anything about themselves.

Grace and Peace,


Rebecca said...

I blog :)
I think I understand your concerns though. They surface for me from time to time. So I check my motivations, evaluate, pray, and (so far) return.
I really AM happy to have the more visual reminders of events through the years. I journal, too, but before blogging had very few photos to refer back to...

odiie said...

I've wondered the same thing. I feel as if I'm boasting no matter what I write. Life is so full and there isn't a lot of time for blogging, but I've decided to keep going. I have printed my blog in book form and will pass it on to my children. This works as enough justification for me. :) Our life as a family is all recorded for posterity.

odiie said...

I had my blog published at blog2print, but you might want to shop around and see if there's something a bit less expensive. Blog2print does run specials at times.
Your garden produce looks spectacular.

Bean said...

I will take a look and see, it would be nice to have a permanent record, because the blog is sort of a family time line etc. and it is nice to look back and see what was going on on a random day.