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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mud, Mud, Mud

The National Weather Service stated this morning that last night we received between four to six inches (INCHES) of rain.  The thunder and lightening were almost non-stop, the rain torrential, and the wind howled away, truly spectacular. This morning we awoke to calm, cooler temperatures, sunshine and mud.

Today we decided it was time to move the new chicks from their home in the basement, they were getting super pongy and the basement smelled like a barn, out to the chicken house.  I moved the birds one by one with a large fishing net, it is easy to swoop up the bird and relocate it this way. Initially Henry and Patrick were quite interested in catching and transporting the chicks, but after the third one they lost interest, there were still nine to go.  The boys discovered a large mud hole in the back yard, to begin with it was just a little stomping and splashing and shrieks of joy, and then a mudastrophy! I came out of the basement with yet another chick only to discover Patrick the mud monster, how he managed to fall and get so totally soaked I don't know, but he was very pleased with the results.  I finished transporting chicks, we walked out to feed the steer and take a look at the gardens and by then the boys had somewhat dried out. A quick strip off by the basement door, dirty clothes popped into the washer, a sponge off in the kitchen sink and everyone was back to normal and ready for cheese toasties for lunch.

Oh what fun a mud hole is

Patrick the mud monster!


Rebecca said...

That's what we needed here - a few grandkids to play in the mud!

That really WAS a gully-washer, wasn't it? The tornado siren went off around midnight. I didn't go back to sleep really. The thunder, lightening and rain were noisy and a little worrisome :)

Bean said...

It sure was a crazy storm, our garden just loved it, every has burst forth and seems to be growing before our eyes.


Hawthorne said...

'mudastrophy' - great word! Just can't keep kiddies away from mud can you? ;-) x x

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

We had rain last week and now have 100 + weather. :-) I liked seeing the kiddos playing in the mud. I have memories of my son doing that many years ago and then my oldest grandson when we lived on a farm.