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Monday, November 19, 2012

It Doesn't Really Get Much Better Than This!

Time spent with family is just about the best thing ever. We were given a beautiful day on Sunday, mild temperatures and sunshine. We make the most of these kinds of days because how many of them are you likely to have in November? After Mass and a quick lunch Dave decided to work outside while I ran an errand in Fort Wayne.
  Our daughter Amber is a hairdresser she planned to come over in the evening to do haircuts for anyone who needed one and we would provide dinner.Amber, Brad and the boys came over around five, Brad and the two older boys headed outside to help Grandpa at the campfire. By seven, Matt, Traci and Alivia had arrived, our neighbor Nancy popped in, and Emily got home from work.  We had some good music playing in the background, good food, good wine, and good company.  Once everyone had had their fill Amber started the haircuts, everyone looked very nice once finished, it is a wonderful thing to have a professional hairdresser in the family.  
After haircuts and a bit of a tidy up we all moved into the living room, it was wonderful to just hang out, we laughed and enjoyed the little ones,  took pictures of the grandchildren, and the kids took pictures of us with the grandchildren, it was noisy, fun filled chaos and we loved every minute of it.  By nine-thirty everyone had headed home, Emily went up to bed (she is battling a nasty cold) and Dave and I just chilled together. In the family room a Neil Young cd was playing, Harvest Moon, one of our favorites, so together we slow danced and held each other tight. I said to Dave that we were so lucky to have such great kids and such great grandchildren, he agreed and became quite teary eyed. There are moments in life where you are so totally, absolutely tuned into the blessings in your life that the moment becomes quite overwhelming and sears itself permanently upon your soul, last night as we danced it was one of those moments :)
Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Hair Cutting Madness

Pat gets a trim

Dave models his new look

Henry gets a tidy up

Our oldest two babies with their babies! Where does the time go?

 Alivia two weeks and one day old and  taking everything in

Henry just loves baby Charlie 

Dave, me, and our fantabulous grand babies
A cute story of word substitution. On Saturday I left with the boys to go on a walk, Charlie was tucked up snuggly in the stroller, and Henry and Patrick walked alongside hand in hand. We had walked about fifty feet from the driveway when Henry fell down, he started to cry as if he was really hurt and when he stood up he refused to put any weight on left foot.  Fortunately Dave was working in the front yard, I called for him and he ran over, picked up Henry and carried him back to the house. Once we were all back in the house I took a look at Henry's foot, I could not see any bruising or swelling and told him that he had probably twisted his ankle. We hung out on the couch and watched a movie until Brad arrived to pick the boys up.  Later that evening when Amber returned home from work Henry told her that he had spinned his ankle at Grandma's house!

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yep, fantabulous, that's the word for it:-)