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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recent Knitting and Quilting Projects

I have kept busy the past few months knitting various items for soon to born grandson Charlie.  During the winter I knitted a blanket for Charlie, it is approximately 36" x 36", it took some time to complete but was well worth the effort, and I will definitely make knit another for our fourth grand baby who is due November 1.  To match the blanket I knitted a bonnet, cardigan and booties.  I found the bootie pattern online for free, the size is perfect for a newborn and there is enough stretch that I think they will stay on wriggly little feet. Amber then searched online for a hat pattern for a newborn, she chose a variegated yarn color called Crayon, and I knitted the cutest little stocking cap! 
I put together a quilt about a month ago and worked hard for four evenings in a row to get it quilted, it is all finished and I am pleased with it.  I used the same material that I used for the quilts I made for grandsons Henry and Patrick.  Each boy's quilt is made with same material but pieced differently to make make it uniquely their own.
I will have a little break from making baby stuff, but on May 29 Traci, our son Matt's wife, will have an ultrasound  and we should then know if grand baby  number four is a boy or a girl. 

 Stocking cap and booties in Crayon colored yarn made with FREE online patterns

 Bonnet, cardigan and booties

 Matching blanket

 Cowboy quilt


1 comment:

Hawthorne said...

Beautiful! I especially love the blanket. My knitting is very, very basic. I can manage ordinary knitting stitch but find purling rather awkward. Perhaps if I persevered it might get easier, but I'm too impatient! ;-)