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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Things To Do with Preschoolers

For the past week each time Henry and Patrick came over we  read stories about Noah's Ark, we have watched a few animated versions of the story on YouTube.  We did find a movie version of Noah's Ark at the library starring Jon Voight and Mary Steensbergen, it is truly a most dreadful movie, we turned it off, later I looked it up on to see how it was rated, apparently no one thought it was good it only had a one star rating.
This morning before the boys came over I went online to search for Noah's Ark activities for preschoolers, I found a wonderful site, everything is free, just print out the activities, the address is  What a fabulous site, we found several age appropriate crafts to do, suggested snack, recipes, etc. and we have had a fun day working on all of the activities.  Next week I will look for St. Patrick day activities for the boys to do when they come over.
While at the library looking for a Noah's Ark movie, we also borrowed a Bible Man DVD, my three and half year old grandson just absolutely loved the show.  Henry has asked to watch Bible Man each time he has come over, and he plays Bible Man, this involves running round the house telling Patrick that he is Bible Man :). For myself, I thought Bible Man was a fairly good show, it was entertaining, taught a value lesson in a fun way, and the  special effects, although rather campy, added to the spirit of the show.  We also borrowed a three disk CD called 100 Bible songs, I am going to buy a copy, it is great, the boys have enjoyed listening to it in the car, they enjoy it while playing and doing activities, having over three hours of music makes it nice as it is not repetitive to listen to.
We found many nice bible story picture books at the library, a favorite with the boys is a pop-up Noah's Ark book, there are pull tabs on some pages to make giraffes move, the dove fly, a door to open to peek into the ark, and on the last page a wonderful pop-up rainbow.
Here are a couple of pictures of our activities we did today, we made hand-print rainbows,  a mobile with lions and lambs, made rainbow cookies, and did a Noah's Ark coloring booklet.
Henry has on his "sheep head", this craft was not planned. I had cut the center of a paper plate out and he put the plate rim on his head and said he was a sheep, okay! So I cut a little of the rim off, punched a couple of holes to put on yarn strings to tie the thing to his head, Henry glued on cotton balls and I made a couple of construction paper ears and stapled them on. Immediately Henry had to wear his "sheep head", he ran off to the bathroom mirror, baaing all the way, and returned looking very pleased.  For much of the afternoon he wore his "sheep head" and baaed a lot, and at one point insisted that he couldn't help clean up because he was a sheep and sheep don't have hands!!

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