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Monday, March 19, 2012

Feast or Famine

Why do I sometimes  make faith so complicated?

Isn't it enough to simply believe in God, in Jesus Christ and strive to live a Gospel Life?

Do we muddy things up by making up our own rules? For example I find at times that I immerse myself so deeply into religious practice that  I literally have to come up for air! Usually I start off putting aside some time  for structured prayer and the gospel reading each day, then I add more structured prayer, then I add more bible reading, then I had more prayer, and keep adding and  pretty soon I am overwhelmed by how much I have given myself to do each day, then I miss a scheduled prayer time, then I start seeing my prayer time as an obligation rather than a joyous time to be spent with the Lord, then I realize that once again I have immersed myself to the point of drowning, something I swore I would not do! I seem to fall into the trap that more must be better. Does this sound familiar to you?

As I write this I see that it is crazy, yet I fall into the same pattern time and time again, I see it happening, I know I heading down the path of being overwhelmed, yet still I proceed, why is this?  Sometimes I have a spurt of spiritual growth during these intense times of prayer and reflection, this is good, but all too often I end up in a spiritual desert. Why can't I simply find a pace that works for me, a moderate pace that helps me grow spiritually, but doesn't exhaust me?


Rome_is_Home said...
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Rome_is_Home said...

I gotta tell ya, your right, believing in God, going to Mass, striving to live a Gospel life, these things Jesus sees us do and He is proud of us His followers. When I prepare to go to Confession I first start by just having a conversation with the Lord, just me and Him going over what I will say in Confession and this conversation is one of the most personal, holy things one can do, then following up with the actual Confession is such a Holy thing. I don't go to Confession often but when I do its a great thing. Pope John Paul II said we should make frequent Confession but not be scrupulous which can be hard, sometimes we are harder on ourselves then we should be. Hugs to you sister in Christ!

Bean said...

Hi Amy,
Agree with you 100%