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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Knitting and Valentine's Day Fun

My Valentine socks, a gift from Henry and Patrick :)

Knitting projects continue.  I finished a new sweater for grandson Henry this week and finished a cardigan and bonnet for soon to be born grandson Charlie.  I just started a blanket for Charlie, it will be approximately 36" x 36" when completed.  I have to make a quilt for Charlie and will need to start soon as I hand quilt and it will take a little time complete. I plan to use the same cowboy fabric in the quilt as I used for Henry and Patrick's baby quilts.
Charlie's cardigan and bonnet.

Henry and Patrick in their matching sweaters.

The beginnings of Charlie's blanket.
Valentine's Day Fun and Finger Painting
Last week I purchased glitter glue and finger paints, oh boy what fun we had playing with these items. We started with finger painting, the Crayola finger paints are wonderful, they are not messy and I would highly recommend them, the boys had a great time playing in the paint.  However, things got messy when Uncle Ben arrived home from work and decided to join in with finger painting.  The next thing I knew was Uncle Ben had a splendid finger paint beard and of course Henry and Patrick thought they should have finger paint beards too!!

After a quick clean up we started our Valentine craft, Henry and Patrick made cards for their Mommy and Daddy.  Fun was had with paint, crayons, markers, glue sticks ( they really love glue sticks) and of course the glitter glue.  I enjoyed helping the boys with their craft and they were pleased with their work. I enjoyed Henry thinking about what he wanted to have written in his card to his Mommy and Daddy, he was really in the spirit of things.


Pen Wilcock said...

Love those beards! The sweaters are fab - specially love the boys' blue ones x

Bean said...

Hi Ember,

Thanks for stopping by. Read your blog this morning, I sure hope your kitchen is finished soon,