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Monday, January 30, 2012

Knitting Projects - January 2012

I hope this day finds you well.  I have just enjoyed two toasted slices of my Grants Loaf whole wheat bread, one slice with marmite and the other with marmalade all washed down with a large mug of tea. I just absolutely love the Grants Loaf, and I will definitely make this recipe again and again, it is an excellent tasting bread with a wonderful texture. More info about the Grants Loaf here

Well enough about my breakfast :) I wanted to talk about my January knitting projects.  I finished the sweater for Dave,  I used the Lions Brand, Vanna's Choice and the color is Denim Mist, the pattern is the modular pattern in my Vogue Ultimate Knitting Book.  I knitted a sweater for grandson Patrick in the same yarn a few months ago and  I am going start on one for  grandson Henry. I will take a picture of Grandpa and grandsons in their matching sweaters as soon as Henry's is done.

I have knitted two hats this month, one for me, I used the Lions Brand, Vanna's Choice Eggplant colored yarn, it matches my cardigan, and I knitted another in the same brand only a dark red color for Dave.  The pattern came from a book I found at the library, 100 Knitting Projects, by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.  The stitch used is a Fishermans Rib, it is a thick ribbing, the rows are alternated, one row knit all stitches, the next row knit one below (knit into the stitch in the previous row and let the stitch on the needle drop) purl.  The resulting work is very thick, and very warm and the hats are great. I found a pattern for a Fisherman Rib Sweater in a book from the library, Traditional Island Knitting by Pam Dawson, I plan to knit it for Dave in a slate gray color.

I just finished a pair of hand-warmers for myself, I used a pattern given to me by a friend. There are many free patterns for hand-warmers, or fingerless gloves on the web.  The hand-warmers were knitted on double pointed needles, I still struggle to avoid "ladders" when knitting on dp needles but am noticing some improvement. If any one has any suggestions to avoid ladders on dp needles please advise :). I used a variegated sock yarn to knit with and was very pleased with the pattern created by the yarn and I love the colors.

Grandson Henry wanted some new mittens, I took him upstairs to my yarn stash and had him pick out a color, he chose bright red, I brought the yarn and mitten pattern downstairs and put it on the kitchen table, a little later he brought the yarn to me and demanded, "Make my globbes". Although I didn't start them right that minute, I have finished the mittens, they knit up very quickly. I am going to make Patrick a pair in turquoise. The mitten pattern I use is one that I purchased about twenty years ago, it is Leisure Arts Leaflet 2473 Many Mittens and has instructions for 9 different sizes.  I have lost count of the number of pairs of mittens I have made over the years, but it is many, and they are so nice and warm on a cold winters morning.

I am currently working on a bonnet, cardigan, and blanket in a light blue for our newest grandson, Charlie who is due to make his arrival into this world on  May 23!!  Henry is very excited about getting a new baby brother, Patrick who is almost two has no idea that his world will change in late May :)
My future knitting goals include the Fisherman Rib sweater for Dave, and a cardigan for myself, this time I am opting for a oatmealish color, but have not yet found a yarn that really excites me, I think I am going to go to a proper yarn shop and seek inspiration and probably be parted with more money than I really want to spend.
What projects are you currently working on?


Lynda said...

Hi Bean - I love all your knitting projects :o)

I like the denim yarn you used for your husband's jumper.

I think you are very brave taking on knitting a jumper in fisherman's rib. I always find that stitch very slow growing. I think it looks really nice, but I dislike knitting it...almost as much as I dislike using circular needles!!

Looking forward to seeing what yarn you choose for your next cardigan.

Bean said...

I agree the fisherman's rib is slow growing, the hats seemed to take forever, it really seems as if the completion of two rows equals a row. I too am not fond of circular needles :)