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Monday, February 21, 2011

Projects worked on this winter

Bed Covering

Barn Jacket

Emily's mittens

Hat, scarf, and mittens

Bonnet and Booties

Baby Quilt

Winter is a good time of year to work on knitting, crochet, and quilt projects. My Mom is an avid knitter and gives me lots of leftover yarn and with some of it I crocheted a nice blanket for our bed. About a year ago I started to knit myself a cardigan, it was a complicated stitch where I not only needed to continually count the stitches in each row, I also had to count the rows, somewhere I got out of sync and realized too late that I had made a major error early on. Discouraged I put the project away but felt guilty that the yarn I had purchased was going to waste. This fall I found a simpler cardigan pattern, I unraveled the messed up cardigan back, and started over to knit the "barn jacket" cardigan. I really like the barn jacket, it is a very roomy, comfy, cozy cardigan that I use it as a light weight coat. I knitted some mittens for daughter Emily using left over yarn from Mom, they match a scarf and hat my Mom had knitted for Emily about a year ago. I also knitted my self a hat, scarf and mittens to go with a new winter coat my parents gave me as a Christmas gift. This weekend I had a baby shower to go to, so over the past few weeks I made and quilted a baby quilt and crocheted booties and a bonnet.


Maggie said...

Love the jacket! Care to share where you got the pattern?

Bean said...

Hi Maggie,
Thank you for stopping by.

The Barn Jacket pattern was in a Leisure Arts booklet called, Today's Knitting Fashions, it is #3316, there are 14 projects in the booklet. The website is

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

You've been one busy lady! Good for you! I have been knitting dishcloths and hope to make a few scarfs. I'm also working on quilt. I doubt I'll ever try a sweater. :-) My brain is too old.

Pen Wilcock said...

Those all look lovely! The barn jacket has my 'favourite' vote!