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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A gift that will be enjoyed for years to come

One Christmas, when I was a child, my parents decided to get a live Christmas tree. I have never forgotten that tree, after the joys of Christmas day the decorations were removed and the tree was placed outside and later in the spring my parents planted it. The years passed, the tree grew, and we emigrated to America. After six years in the US my mother went back to visit family in England and while there she stopped by our old home and took a picture of the tree, we were all amazed to see how tall it had grown. The tree grew and grew for almost thirty years and then there was a gale and the tree blew over and that was the end of our Christmas tree.
Many years ago my husband and I purchased an artificial Christmas tree, every year the box was opened, the tree assembled, decorated, and enjoyed, then taken down and put away. I enjoyed the convenience of an artificial tree, but missed the scent of a fresh cut pine, and the uniqueness of a fresh cut tree. I always wanted to get a live tree but never actually got around to finding one. Last fall I was out with my daughter Amber, we drove past a tree nursery where there were many pine trees for sale, I mentioned something about having to remember the tree nursery closer to Christmas and perhaps I would get around to purchasing a live tree this year.
Much to the frustration of my children, I do not put my Christmas tree up until a few days before Christmas Eve, so imagine my surprise when I arrived home one afternoon and saw sitting on my front porch a live Christmas tree! I walked up to the tree and tucked in amongst it's branches was a homemade card, I opened the card and discovered that our children and grandchildren had given the tree to us for Christmas. I was overwhelmed, what a truly wonderful gift, a gift we will enjoy for years to come. We brought the tree inside on Christmas Eve, decorated it with a few lights, ornaments and tinsel, celebrated Christmas and a few days later removed the decorations and placed the tree on our back deck where it will stay until we can plant it later in the spring. I enjoyed the tree when it was in our living room, I enjoy it each day as I wash dishes and look at it out of the window, and I will enjoy it for years to come when it is planted in our back yard, I know exactly where I want it planted. I enjoyed the tree when we decorated it, and have enjoyed the tree outside as it has been decorated many times with snow. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our kids, and grateful to Amber for coming up with the idea and getting it organized!!

The Snow Decorated Tree

The Christmas Decorated Tree

The Gift Givers


Pete said...

Nice one. Choose a sheltered spot - you don't want to let this one blow down!


A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

Sweet kids! I enjoyed your post. You are blessed! :-)