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Friday, September 10, 2010

You were a good dog Tasha - we will miss you dearly!!

A sad day at our home today, we had to have our dear old dog Tasha put to sleep. Tasha joined our family 16 years ago. Dave came home one day and said come out to the car I have something, I followed him out, and there on the front passenger seat was what I thought was a kitten. I was wrong, it was a very small puppy, the runt of the litter, Dave had taken pity on her and brought her home. Tasha grew into a nice dog, she was a german shepherd/chow mix, she was loyal to the family, behaved well and shedded a lot!!! As Tasha grew older she suffered from arthritis, particularily in her hips, she became less and less active, but still pottered around the yard with us, followed us out to feed the cows, and really liked to lay on the deck and snooze her days away. Over the past several months Tasha declined, she barely left the deck or front porch, she would occasionaly wander a little ways into the yard, but getting up was a struggle for her, it took a huge amount of effort to stand. Yesterday evening I heard a strange noise and went to investigate, it was Tasha, she was attempting to get up and go into the kitchen, but was unable to get her back legs up, Dave carried her to her food bowls. Tasha eventually did get to standing and limped to the living room where she laid down. This morning she was still in the living room and completely unable to get up, we knew that the time we had dreaded had arrived, I made an appointment with our vet. Amber came over to help me carry Tasha to the car, carry her into the vet, carry her back to the room, it was very upsetting, yet I knew that it was the right thing to do. We were with Tasha to the end, we petted her, we cried, we sobbed, it was so sad........ We love you Tasha the cow dog, we miss you, you were a good dog and much loved and we are so glad that you were a part of our family for the past sixteen years. Good Bye Old Girl.


Rita said...

I read your comment on a blog this morning and you are right we will never forget. We will remember always. I had those emailing that I be sure and fly the flag 1/2 and not to forget. FORGET?? How could we ever. I remember the shock when I was young of Predident Kennedy's asasination. I was in junior high. I will always remember where I was and how it felt and the reactions of those around me. I teach school so for a bit we did not know if we needed to lock down or what? We were getting no info. on what to do and if our students (1st. grade) were safe. Some parents came to get their children and we let them go. I will always remember. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Bean said...

Thank you for stopping by Rita. My younger two were in grade school at the time, they were put in lock down, they had no idea that anything had happened when they arrived home from school. My older two were in high school, the school did a great job in sharing information with the students, allowing them to watch the news, etc. etc. and letting the teachers and students talk about the attack.
Some days just get seared into the memory, I clearly remember when Reagan was shot, I was in highschool, I had a part time job at the hospital and as I was walking along a hallway at the hospital the PA system suddenly announced that our President had been shot, it was a startling moment.

Rita said...

I emailed my first comment before I read about dear Tasha. I am so very sorry. I had to put down Misty several years back. Oh how we missed her. Take time to grieve. Our pets are part of our family and when they are gone there is such a hole in our hearts for a while. My daughter needed to take a day off work when we put Misty down and her coworkers had a fit. But Misty, had been Amy's sister, brother, friend. Always there always loving. Others didn't understand. That's ok. I did and we sobbed & cried until we over time felt better. Prayers for you

Rome_is_Home said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dear Tasha I know how hard it is to loose a pet,they are family members and my prayers are with you and I am so sorry to have not written this earlier.
God bless you!