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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homestead Update

Banana The Steer update: Last Saturday we went to the meat packer to check on our steer, Banana, we decided exactly how we wanted to have him butchered, and then to our surprise we were allowed to go back and see him. Hanging in the cooler were two large halves, formerly Banana, that were aging prior to butchering. One half weighed 330 lbs and the other 337 lbs. We anticipate a call later this week asking us to come pick up our meat, hopefully just in time for Labor Day.

Tomato update: I have canned 40 quarts, and was worried that I would not get many more, but with the very hot, humid weather we have had this week, 90+ degrees each day, the remaining fruit has ripened and I think I will easily get 20 quarts, or more, canned.

Cabbages update: We planted our cabbages very late, once the peas and onions were harvested we had room to transplant all of the cabbage seedlings , they are progressing slower than I had hoped I think in part because of the very dry, hot weather we have had. I hope that the cabbages take off because they probably have about 5 or 6 weeks at best to finish out.

New Puppy: Lady is doing well, she is still having a few "accidents" in the house, but has made a lot of progress (thank goodness for carpet cleaner machines). Lady now spends a good portion of her day outside, and enjoys going for walks, she sleeps in her cage at night and when we leave for an extended period of time.

Ben's car: finally the mechanic called, it definitely needs the water pump replaced, and the other problem is either a broken timing chain, or a problem with the cam shaft. We will repair the water pump and broken timing chain, but if it is the cam shaft we will not proceed with repair as it will cost more than the car is worth.

Fresh Salmon: Our neighbor went to NY state to fish, while there he caught a lot of salmon. Last night he gave us a huge filet taken from a 20 lb salmon, this was in "payment" for us feeding his pig while he was gone fishing. Emily and I enjoyed some of the salmon last night, pan fried in butter and served with a slice of homemade bread and butter - YUMMY!

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