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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Around the House

I finished a prayer shawl last week, I learned how to do cable stitch while working on it, and then gave the shawl, along with a copy of Pilgrims Progress, to a dear friend for her birthday. My friend just loved the shawl and is looking forward to reading Pilgrims Progress. I am not sure what I want to knit next, I have a cardigan in progress, but need to undo the back and re-knit as I made a mistake in the pattern, I am not feeling motivated about this project at the moment.

I am now finishing a quilt that has been in progress, partially quilted, for a long time, I have worked on the quilt every day for the past week, and believe that I should have it finished by the weekend, I will post a picture of the quilt once it is finished. In my sewing room I have two other quilts in progress, still piecing, I would like to get both of the tops done by the end of the month. I will then need to stop all work on the two quilts to work on the baby quilt for grandchild #2, as he is due to arrive on March 25!

I have to bake more bread today. I am trying a recipe for Maine Baked Beans, I soaked the beans overnight, so today I can move to the next step, baking the beans for about 6 hours with onion, bacon, sugar, molasses, water, and a couple of spices - this recipe makes a lot of beans and they are supposed to freeze well for future use. I am going to make a pot of soup today, we will eat some for supper and I will freeze the rest and reheat for lunches etc.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sounds like you have been busy!