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Monday, July 13, 2020

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

Me with my dear parents, Mumpy and Plumpy
While visiting my parents recently my mom got me knitting again! Mom has recently got into knitting socks for herself and Dad.

Mom knitting a sock for my dad
We took a trip to Joann Fabrics in Tavares, FL and mom purchased more sock yarn and told me to pick a color I liked, so I did.

cuff coming along nicely, but the needles are too small
Mom purchased several colors of sock yarn, she sent me 
home with more yarn, I started a second pair of socks this week using the gray, red, blue, brown yarn. 

We returned home and some serious knitting began. The double pointed needles my mom gave me to use we decided were too small, 2.75 mm, after I had knitted several inches of sock cuff. So mom ordered more needles, they arrived the next day. I started my sock again on 3.25 mm needles, perfect! 

second start on 3.25 mm needles
I knitted away for two evenings, down the cuff, turned the heel and proceeded to knit the foot of the sock.  I picked up my knitting a little bit before lunch one day and finished knitting to the toe, I put the knitting down ready to finish the sock after lunch. Imagine my horror when I came back to my knitting only to find that Mr. Wolfti had enjoyed the bamboo double pointed knitting needles for his lunch! Most of the sock was still intact but the needles were pretty much non-existent. Thank goodness for my Mom, she took over, undid several rows of knitting, picked back up and sorted the stitches out on the three needles and handed back to me to finish. This pair of socks will always have a fun memory associated with them of naughty Mr. Wolfti and Mom coming to the rescue.

A contrite Mr. Wolfti

All is forgiven Mr. Wolfti

 I am thankful to say that the mate to this sock, knitted when I returned home, did not have such an adventure in it's making. These socks will always be special to me.

 Grandchild update: Can you believe it, grandson Harrison is walking, he was just ten months old on July 6, he is growing up way too fast. Such a cutie pie, he is so adored by his sisters and cousins.

Our youngest grandson Harrison walking to our eldest grandson Henry

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