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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My Bowl Runneth Over With An Amazing United Nations of Goodness

Before I eat I say grace and I think of all of the people involved in the production of the food in front of me. I think of all of the places that my food has come from. Bananas and pineapple from South America, blueberries from Mexico, strawberries from California. Kale and spinach I assume from California, tomatoes from I don't where, melon from Texas. 

I then think of the people who planted the seeds, nurtured the crops, harvested the food, packed the food, shipped the food, warehoused the food, distributed and sold the food. Pondering upon this I realize that the simple bowl of food in front of me that I am going to eat to nourish my body is there because of hundreds of people and it humbles me. I lift all of these, unknown to me, people in prayer.

Next time you sit down to a meal, just think for a few minutes about how each and every item you are about to eat arrived at your table, it is truly amazing!

Peace be with you, 


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