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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The World We Live In

The events of the past week seem to have kicked off the new year,  the new decade, with an ominous feeling of pending doom. A general is assassinated and escalating threats of violence have continued unabated and rather than making the world safer, we are now all on high alert, and I am quite concerned about where all of this is leading.

We are all impacted by the decisions and choices of a few. At the most basic level we will all pay more for gasoline, but that seems the least of anyone's worries. Are we heading for WWIII? Will there be an uptick in terrorist attacks around the world. The rhetoric is meant to scare, and rightly so, if even a fraction of it is acted upon all of us will be affected. Is there no hope of humankind ever working together instead of against each other.

Meanwhile as grown men keep drawing lines in the sand and continue a war of words and intimidation, people around the world are starving, suffering from natural and man made disasters, lack basic essentials, and very few world leaders seem concerned at all.

I believe that most of humankind simply want to live their lives in peace, in a stable community, with access to education and medical care, and the hope of a good future for their children and grand children. But the power hungry egotists that are in control make this dream nearly impossible for most in the world.

The human impact on climate change must be addressed, we are soiling our own nest and don't even care. Certainly the politicians don't care, they are power hungry, world leaders don't care, they too are power hungry. Instead warmongering is the focus, how will a war make the world a better place? Why should the sons and daughters of the poor be slaughtered due to the decisions of the elite. I sometimes despair because as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, what can I do? I simply pray that my children and grandchildren will have a rosy future to look forward to, but it is hard to imagine exactly what that future will look like.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

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