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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Little Break

Last Friday evening we packed up the car and left Indiana to visit my parents in Orlando. We had a great drive down, we arrived around three on Saturday afternoon.  Usually I do not do well with the long drive, it takes my several days to feel recuperated, this time I bounced back almost immediately. I think the culprit is coffee! On past trips I would drink coffee like a fiend, a cup purchased each time we made a stop, but this time I did not do this. On Saturday morning I had my regular cup of joe and that was it, just as I do everyday, and I drank water the rest of the day, just as I always do. I truly think the previous drives were hard to recuperate from because I was way overloaded with caffeine. Will test my theory further when we head back to Indiana on Friday.

Yesterday we drove to Daytona Beach, it was a beautiful sunny day, the ocean was amazing, it was breezy and the waves were quite strong, but a lot of fun. We sat in the sun, we played in the surf, we sat in the sun, we played in the surf, it was a amazingly relaxing day. We both got too much sun, and due to my hat and sunglasses I have no sun on my forehead and eyes, but lots of sun lower on my face, I was amused by my new look!

Today I am going with my mum to the quilt shop to select fabric for a baby quilt for soon to arrive grand baby number 10.  I am busy crocheting a blue and yellow striped shell stitch blanket for the baby while vacationing and riding in the car, it is coming along nicely.  It has been a few years since I last made a baby quilt for a grand child.

It is good to vacation, it is nice to have a week with no schedule, no "have to do" lists, it decompresses my spirit and makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

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Pen Wilcock said...

Look at that sunshine! How lovely. I hope you found some beautiful fabric on your shopping expedition with your mum.