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Monday, May 20, 2019

Vegan Eats - YUMMY

 I really enjoy being Vegan, I enjoy the foods I eat, lots of veggies and fresh fruit, legumes and grains. It is a varied and enjoyable way to eat, truly indulging in the fruits (and veggies) of the earth. The goodness of the fresh food nourishes my body.

I recently started reading a book By Will Tuttle, Ph.D, The World Peace Diet, it explores eating for spiritual health and social harmony, and promotes veganism as the way to achieve this. The book is empowering, profound, may I even say, life changing. The intended audience is everyone and it will certainly make you think about where your food comes from and how it affects your mind, body and spirit. The book has excellent reviews, I borrowed this copy from the library, but plan to purchase a used copy for myself.

Veganism became a reality in November of 1944, when Donald Watson and his wife Dorothy coined the term Veganism. Donald founded the Vegan Society in England, and  he wrote, published, and distributed the newsletters by himself for several years.
Donald lived a life of "clean eating" before such a term was thought of, he didn't drink, didn't smoke, ate a whole food plant based vegan diet, and was an avid Fells walker. Donald lived to be 95 and never took any medication in his life. Here is a link to his obituary issued by the Vegan Society Donald Watson - Founder of the Vegan Movement it is worth a click.
The newsletter gives a brief biography of Donald, and includes photographs of him and some quotes on veganism. A simple man, who lived a simple life, never looking for fame, riches, or notoriety, yet he created a movement that is now known world wide and every day more and more people choose to go vegan.  RIP Donald Watson.

I am the only vegan in my family, so meat is cooked and served in our home, I wish it was not so. I do my best to promote veganism and produce side dishes and deserts that are vegan and do my best to encourage healthy eating. During January I only made vegan meals for our big family Sunday dinner, our daughter Amber, her husband Brad and the five boys all joined in and humored me and enjoyed the meals. I did vegan meatloaf one Sunday, and a vegan Mexican fiesta, another, and cannot remember what other meals I prepared. Our other children for the most part simply avoided the meals, I was disappointed that they would not even give it a try.

I recently watched a YouTube video called  Hot Diggity Carrot Dogs by Jane and Ann Esselstyn, I cannot begin to tell you just how perfectly a cooked carrot mimics a hot dog, weird, right? I cooked my carrot, for the bun I lightly toasted seven grain sprouted bread which I then covered in spicy mustard, popped my carrot dog on the folded toast and topped it off with vegan coleslaw. IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD!
The vegan coleslaw is easy to make, I found a recipe online to make mayo using extra firm silken tofu, it is quite nice and only 8 calories per serving, so win win all around. I used the mayo to make the slaw dressing and mixed it with purple (red?) cabbage.
There are so many healthy vegan recipes online, I am sure Donald Watson would be mightily happy to know that veganism has become very mainstream.

Here are some pictures of various vegan dishes I have made for the family and myself:

Vegan Truffles, my grandchildren renamed them Chocolate Balls! Warning, these disappear quickly,

Vegan Waldorf Salad, the dressing is made by whizzing up orange juice and dates in the blender, it is a very refreshing side.

Fresh Fruit Salad, a big hit with the grandchildren.

A healthy afternoon snack for the grands children

Vegan Coleslaw, made with homemade vegan mayo as the base for the dressing.

Tofu Scramble, this is such a nice quick meal with a piece of whole grain toast.

A Vegan Slaw Dog, the "hot dog" is a cooked carrot.

Apple Bars, and Banana Zucchini Oat muffins


Pen Wilcock said...

All those things look delicious! Your post brought back memories for me — I loved that book by Will Tuttle, and the headquarters of the Vegan Society was, for decades, just across the street from the end of our road, where Asda is now. Hastings has a thriving vegan population!

affectioknit said...

...definitely yummy looking!
~Have a lovely day!

Bean said...

Hi Pen,

Veganism really seems to be taking off in the UK, I follow a vegan vlogger in Norwich, not far from where I grew up. Anyway, Norwich seems to have a thriving vegan population too, lots of restaurants, an active Vegan Society, a vegan bed and breakfast, and access to a multitude of vegan products in Asda, Sainsburys, and Tesco. Even for those simply looking to drastically reduce their meat intake, there are so many choices, and a diet with no meat, or very little meat is so much better for the environment.

Hi Affectionknit,
Your vegan cooking has inspired me, and because of you I now incorporate tofu into my diet. I was always scared to try it, not sure what to do with it, you changed that and I thank you.

Blessings to you both,