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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Around The House

Almost two years ago our youngest child Emily moved back home with our grandson Masen. At the time Masen was just eighteen months old, they needed somewhere to live and we welcomed them into our home. Well fast forward two years, Emily is certified as an EMT and working full time on an ambulance for a local hospital along with going to school to eventually become a paramedic. Little Masen is now three and a half and goes to pre-school two days a week. At the beginning of this year Emily met a nice guy, they recently got engaged, he is a police officer and quite a bit older than she is but they seem to be a good couple. Joe just purchased a new house and Emily and Masen have moved in to join Joe and his children. So with all of this the sewing room I gave up for two years, and was happy to do so, so that Masen could have his own room is now mine again. 

Today I got up around five, I am always awake around four-thirty in the morning, came downstairs for my cup of coffee, vitamins and bowl of oats, worked on some crosswords and then headed out for a five and half mile run. I returned from my run, it was quite cold out, twenty-six degrees, freshened up and left for Mass. I popped into Kroger on my way home to pick up a few items I forgot to get on yesterdays shopping trip and headed home. Today Dave and I have the entire day to ourselves, how delicious, it rarely happens so is very, very enjoyable when it does occur.  Dave has spent the day outside, enjoying the cold but sunny weather while cleaning up the vegetable gardens, putting away lawn furniture and generally puttering around at a leisurely pace enjoying himself immensely. And me, I cleaned out the last bits and pieces from Masen's room, moving them into the room Emily used while she lived here, and moved all of my sewing and craft items back to my reclaimed sewing room.

One of the hymns we sang at Mass this morning really spoke to me, Lord Of All Hopefulness click here to hear . What a beautiful hymn, the words are very comforting. And as Father Mark told us, as long as we have Faith and Love in and for Our Lord we will always be okay.

Dave has plans for the room Emily used, he likes to make wine but hasn't done so for several years, once Emily and Joe move the rest of the stuff out of there it will become the Dave's "winery" and indoor craft room.  Boy do we ever sound like a couple of empty nest middle agers LOL. And, now our guest bedroom is back to being just that rather than a guest room with a bunch of my sewing things crammed in to every available space. 

So here are some pics:

Looking into the sewing room from the door, Masen's little bed will remain at house.

Three of my sickly and/or on the mend house plants will enjoy the sunny window.

All my sewing things back in their place.

A view from the doorway of the guest bedroom.

Another view of the guest room, my yellow and white teddy bear, Andrew who I have had since I was five is hanging out with Puppy Love a Snoopy stuffed animal my Dad brought home from America when I was fourteen.

Do you like house plants, apparently I do as I seem to have amassed a whole slew of them and have told myself enough is enough. They are kind of like pets, a few of them have names.

The succulent who keeps me company while I wash dishes.

The kitchen table crew, including Penelope Poinsettia II.

My Wandering Jew in the macrame hanger my son Ben made for my birthday.

A re-potting of a plant from my father-in-laws funeral in the cookie jar that always sat on the counter in my in-laws kitchen. 

The family room crew enjoy this sunny location. Doreen the Philodendron is on the right, I have had her for around fifteen years.

My orchid, will it ever bloom again, a Christmas cactus and an Aloe Vera plant hang out in the dining room.
Another re-potting of plants from Ralph's funeral earlier this year.

Fern 1

Fern 2

The accumulation of bits and bobs on my family room wall.


Pen Wilcock said...

That *is* a lot of plants!

How exciting to have the space back again. I loved seeing all the photos. We're in a similar situation here. One of our family has been living in our already big household of 5 (so, making it 6) for 2 years, and before that my mother lived with us for a few months when she was unwell. With what eagerness are some of us anticipating reclaiming the second sitting room that also creates a separate space for music practice, plus adds the delights of an open fire to the functional warmth of the wood stove in our main family room.

God bless Emily and Joe and Masen as they settle in to family life with Joe's children. May they be happy. May they flourish as a family.

Bean said...

Thank you Pen,


Ravenna said...

I must confess that I occasionally dream of turning my daughter's room into a little craft room of my own when she moves out. :) Enjoy!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I pray all goes well in the new relationship with Emily and her sweetie. Enjoy your empty nest!