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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cooking Vegan for a Non-Vegan

In the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a changing. My husband Dave, Mr. Meat and Potatoes Guy, is eating vegan four to five days a week, I still can't believe it. It is so enjoyable to make dinner for both of us and we are eating similar foods. I am quite happy with my vegan bowl of goodness, my name for what I eat, my mom calls it my bowl of weeds, a mix of lentils, canned tomatoes and nutritional yeast topped with steamed veggies, either kale or collard greens, brussel sprouts, purple cabbage, mushrooms and another vegetable like parsnip, sweet potato, turnip, or rutabaga, I enjoy this very much and eat it for lunch and dinner most days. My husband, he is not so into green leafy veg, and he is pretty picky about his root vegetables so I have had to get creative. It seems that my creativity is paying off as he is enjoying the meals I have made for him.

My vegan bowl of goodness, aka bowl of weeds :)

Homemade quinoa and black bean pattie with salsa and steamed veggies for Daveypoo

Vegan veggie pattie with cajun beans and rice and steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes

Vegan meatloaf, with steamed veggies, mashed potato and corn and black beans

Vegan meatloaf, Daveypoo has enjoyed this in sandwiches too.

A few weeks ago Fort Wayne had their very first Veg'n Brew Fest, it was awesome, my grandson Masen went with me. It was wonderful to see so many vegan vendors, Masen sampled chocolate flaxseed milk, he did not like, then chocolate flaxseed crackers which he did like. We tried some kombucha, not a fan. I bought a cool t-shirt and Masen picked out a fun animal necklace for Grandma. The weather was beautiful, verging on hot, for an early October day. I think the Veg'n Brew Fest will become an annual event for Fort Wayne, and I am so glad to have attended the very first festival.

Masen and I getting ready to walk over to the festival

My shirt and necklace

Wear this pin proudly on my jean jacket

As we prepared to walk over to the festival, we had about a half mile enjoyable walk along the river greenway, Masen saw a bunch of kids playing football. Lets go over there grandma, I said oh yes it looks like fun but we are going to a vegetable festival. I must say every time I think of this conversation I chuckle.

Peace to you,



Pen Wilcock said...

I like even just *reading* your list of the delicious food you have in your Bowl of Weeds. And I love that name, too. And seeing the photos of beautiful you. You were always lovely, but the changes you introduced into your life made you luminous.

Bean said...

Pen Wilcock you are such a nice lady, sending you hugs and kisses xoxox


Pen Wilcock said...

PS Have you posted anywhere your recipe for vegan meatloaf? Maybe you did and I have forgotten it. I'd like to try it.

Bean said...

I will post it later today,